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Lola Rose Malachite Watch With Zircon LR4303
Lola Rose Malachite Watch With Zircon LR4303

Malachituhr mit Zirkon

$149.50 Regulärer Preis $299.00

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- Zifferblattgröße: 29 mm

- Armbandgröße: 16,7 cm x 12 mm

- Krone: Schwarzer Onyx

- Zifferblattmaterial: Malachit

- Armbandmaterial: 316L-Edelstahlarmband

- Wasserbeständigkeit: 30 Meter (3ATM)

A classic British proverb teaches us that "when the clock strikes four, everything stops for tea." Such is the importance of afternoon tea, that many still use this daily ritual as a way of recognizing British spiritual and cultural heritage. Our Tea Time collection pays its respects to this tradition by acknowledging all the rituals that guide every woman's life. This piece features a striking malachite dial, entirely free of hour-markings except for a 'T' at the 4 o'clock position. The lustrous black onyx crown is also subtly shaped like a teacup and rotated to be in line with the 'T'. You can trust this elegant timepiece to ensure you'll never miss another chance to kick up your feet and take a break over a cuppa'.

Malachituhr mit Zirkon

$149.50 USD Regulärer Preis $299.00 USD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Radhi Alhikmani



It is a very high class watch, designed for women just like the tagline says, and Lola Rose delivers. The texture of malachite is unique and perfect with suits and dresses.


The shipping was fast and there was a nice gift box, a very delicate women's watch.

Calista Jean

Personally, I love malachite, it's really beautiful. The real thing looks much better than the photos, the strap is also very fine polished, the texture is great, the price is quite good

Alex. M

I am very pleased about this watch. It came in an exquisite package. The silver band and the malachite face are very stylish. 5 STARS. Highly recommend.


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