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Est. 2000 London, UK

"I felt the need to create something stunning that was real and could be treasured," said Lola Rose founder Nikki Gewirtz.

On our journey of expressing the beauty of women, we have always believed that a watch is not only a fine timing mechanism, and a piece of jewellery is more than simply a delicate combination of precious materials. It's the undefinable elements that we will forever pursue: the stories and heritage that bestow upon an item its true value.

Today at Lola Rose, we pour our heart and soul into the creation of extraordinary watches and jewellery. With the enduring spirit of our customers in mind, we strive to create magnificent yet affordable designs that not only bring elegance and originality to your everyday look but also inspire you to find the courage to unlock your inner strength.

Timeless Inspiration

Our work comes from our passion for the gemstones that form the core of every piece we create. Each stone not only has its own particular set of patterns, textures, and colours, but also a one-of-a-kind story forged over millions of years.

As we believe that true beauty defies the test of time, all our designs seek to be a revival of classic architecture, art, and music, rather than mimic popular short-term trends. So, with every watch and piece of jewellery, our focus is on bringing the classic stories and knowledge from earlier times into our modern world.

A Global Effort to Empower Women

We recognize that we are more than just a brand, and strive to build a global community to promote the empowerment of women around the world. To this end, we have partnered with the Future Dreams Women's Breast Cancer Public Welfare Organization and the China Women's Foundation to support women in all walks of life.

Lola Rose is made up of diverse, multicultural teams in London, Paris, Beijing, and New York. These dynamic groups of determined individuals come together to work towards our shared vision.

It is from the Earth that we source the precious metals and gemstones that give our watches much of their beauty and character. As such, we have developed a great respect for nature, and understand the importance of establishing meaningful initiatives that move our company towards a truly sustainable existence.


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