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Mother-of-pearl Watch With Blue Leather Strap
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Dial Thickness


Dial Size


Dial Material



black onyx crown

Strap Material


Shell Material

212L stainless steel case

Product Parameter:

  1. Design: Cube collection feature a compact, mini-square dial. The dials are made of soft blue mother-of-pearl shells, gently iridescent, fresh and elegant. The slender strap has a bamboo embossed design, a willow-shaped hand and a castle vault-shaped crown, reflecting a classic and elegant style.
  2. Materials: Soft blue mother-of-pearl; exquisite crown inlaid with black onyx; soft and wear-resistant brown cowhide strap; scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant synthetic sapphire glass
  3. Parameter: Dial size 19mm*20mm; total length of watch 21.2cm; suitable for most female wrists
  4. Service: 2 years warranty, 3ATM, exquisite packaging